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Innovative Integrated Model Farm (detox broiler)

Help for Innovative Integrated Model Farm (detox broiler)

Project progress


Activate for Human Development believes that in order to uplift the socio economic conditions of the rural setting, livestock farming needs to become mechanized, cost effective and efficient. The first major project undertaken by AAHD is to develop an innovative, comprehensive livestock farm model, which is self-sufficient in its energy needs.

This concept is rooted in the principle of judicious and efficient use of resources based on water conservation, recycling animal waste to generate biogas, use of slurry as the best known natural fertilizer to improve crop productivity, achieve food security and protecting the environment by contributing to Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM). An experimental research and evidence based model farm is being developed. The research findings will be documented and shared to help the communities benefit from the concept. The model farm will ensure that people get to learn first-hand the advantages of using innovative techniques in livestock farming. The innovative livestock model farm will help develop a business model based on comprehensive eco-friendly farm practices to promote future investments to develop small to medium scale livestock farms.